Florida Congressman Alan Grayson crashes local GOP meeting

Another Chapter in mycongressmanisnuts Congressman Alan Grayson crashes a GOP meeting at a local Perkins Restaurant.  Hurling accusations at the various folks who were there.  Guess Grayson is practicing up for the Crash the Tea Party coming up where the loons will cause trouble hoping that the Mainstream media with misconstrue the activity with the tea Party members.

U.S. Rep Alan Grayson, D-Orlando, walked in on an Orange County Republican Executive Committee meeting Thursday night at a Perkins restaurant and got into a confrontation with county mayoral candidate Matthew Falconer, a tense face-off caught by a couple cell phone cameras.
In the video, Grayson reads from a flier that describes a recent Republican infiltration of a pro-Obama group, and a promise to dish those details at this next GOP meeting. Grayson chides the Republican attendees for sinking so low as to spy on the other side.
Today, Grayson said he was attending a community home owner’s association meeting in another part of the restaurant that night, and decided to share his displeasure with the contents of the flier with the GOP party members.
“That’s political dirty tricks,” Grayson said today. “I went over to find out what their side of the story was, and whether they approved of that.”
Soon after he finishes reading the flier, Falconer demands Grayson apologize to Lew Oliver for what he said about him in a recent email: “Oliver couldn’t find his rear end with both hands, unless there was a twenty-dollar bill sticking out of it.” Falconer and Grayson encourage one another to leave in a pretty  heated face-to-face.
“I gave them a chance to explain how they felt about it, and they didn’t do a very good job,” Grayson said today. “The Republican Party is resorting to its Nixonian roots: corruption, lying and spying.”
There’s sloppy cell-phone videos of this encounter roaming around, but WDBO posted the cleanest, albeit sometimes crooked version of it:

Read the rest at   Orlando Sentinel.
A chance encounter from yesterday’s meeting of Orange County Republicans via the Tea Party Patriots. What happens when tea partiers meet a man fondly known to us all as Teacups? Magical things, my friends:

Tom Tillison of the Tea Party Patriots Live radio show and the Orlando Tea Party, had quite a lively discussion with Alan afterwards for 10 minutes. Tillison said, “I let him know that he’s a congressman and he needs to act like one. I reminded him that these are his constinuents.” Tillison asked Grayson, “Don’t you feel that you at least owe them an explanation for your recent votes?”, to which Alan replied, “I don’t owe them anything, they’re trying to defeat me.”
Tillison followed, “You are a U.S. Congressman and you approach these people acting like a thug.”….to which Grayson responded that he was “being attacked.”
Congrerssman Alan Grayson said, “There are 308 million people that pay my salary. Do you know what that breaks down to per person?” After Tom shrugged his shoulders insinuating ‘I don’t know’, Grayson repeatd the question with emphasis. Tom quickly replied, “I have no idea”. ”It’s pennies on the dollar”, said Grayson. He later said, “I took a pay cut when I took this job”.

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  1. I’m proud of Grayson and will vote to re-elect him. I’m glad that he’s there to stand up to Republican bullies and Right Wing nut jobs.

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