FairTax: Biggest Tax Event since Boston Tea Party

Tax Day April 15 is Thursday!

Your FairTax Sponsored Online Tax Revolt has over 250,000 patriots approaching Washington!
Your FairTax Sponsored March for America is nearing its climax: this coming Thursday is Tax Day April 15! Hundreds of thousands of avatars representing patriots from all over our Nation are converging on the Capitol.
Your FairTax Sponsored Online Tax Revolt is sponsoring the main daytime rally that day, where the avatars will be seen as well. Your rally is being held at the Freedom Plaza, on Pennsylvania Avenue between the Capitol and the White House, and just around the corner from the Internal Revenue Service. There is no better place to be to protest taxes, deficits, out of control government spending and the need for transformational change in our corrupt federal tax system.
FairTax is the lead sponsor.  Co-sponsors include: Freedom Works,  Americans for Tax Reform, Tea Party Express, National Tax Limitation Committee, and the Neal Boortz‘s Brigade.
Freedom Works is also sponsoring the main evening rally at the Washington Monument, and your Online Tax Revolt is a co-sponsor of that event.
If you can make it to D.C., please come down and join either one or both events. The line-up of speakers includes Neal Boortz, Dick Armey, Ken Hoagland, Grover Norquist, Tea Party Express leaders, Senator Saxby Chambliss and others.
Now a very urgent request: to have the maximum impact, we must broadcast your FairTax Sponsored Online Tax Revolt to the news programs on TV and radio and produce your FairTax Online Tax Revolt program of these historic events to stream them all across the United States. This way every American will have the chance to see the historic event you have made possible.
But this is going to cost $92,880 more than we have left in the bank… money the TV and radio and Internet technicians, stations, and channels must have before they will produce this programming on your FairTax Online Tax Revolt: March for America.
You know this is a real bargain for national radio, TV and internet coverage, we not paying anyone for being on this program, everyone is volunteering. The only costs are those of technicians and transmission costs, the on-air time costs.
If you can possibly invest $92.88 we could do this with you as one of just 1000 Program Sponsors. Everyone investing $92.88 who wants to be listed will be streamed across America as a Sponsor of this Historic Event, the largest Tax Revolt Event in U. S. History, the most important tax revolt event since the Boston Tea Party, and the first Online Tax Revolt–something you can be proud to sponsor. If for any reason you do not want to appear as a Sponsor on the program, yours will be an anonymous investment.
And each Sponsor will receive a Certificate of Sponsorship of this historic event, suitable for framing.
Follow this link right now to become one of the 1,000 Sponsors of the historic FairTax March for America Tax Day Program!

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