Waxman Cancels Corporate Bully Sessions over ObamaCare

Finding out that Democrats are as unpopular as a Fatal Disease, Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA) canceled the hearings he scheduled to bully corporations who said that Health care reform would cost millions of dollars.  Seems Like the current climate is too hot for Dems to shift blame:

Rep. Henry Waxman (D., Calif.) has apparently canceled bully sessions hearings he scheduled to make CEOs “explain” their legal obligation to write down the loss of a tax benefit stripped by Obamacare.

The cancellation came after Texas Rep. Joe Barton (R.) took to the floor of the House to rip into Waxman:

h/t Ed Morrissey.

via Waxman Cancels Obamacare Hearings – Daniel Foster – The Corner on National Review Online.

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His April 21 witch hunt session has been cancelled, according to left-wingers. (Update: Fox also reporting same.) The event is still listed on the House Energy and Commerce with the press release from last month, but no further information.
Cancellation confirmed by House GOP here.
via Michelle Malkin » Waxman Inquisition cancelled.

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