“Tea Klanner:” The Left’s shameless new smear

I covered the Teaparty in Columbia, SC let alone the few individuals who were dressed in Anarchist Garb, a stray Confederate Flag, I didn’t come across any indication of racists.  In fact many of the folks who work at the Capital,  happen to be African American,  and the  walked right through the crowd of some two thousand and were met only with the southern “hello how R You?”
If there were a racist teaparty member,  wouldn’t they reside in  South Carolina?
I hate to report their were NO racist incidents for you to share on your national news.

Michelle Malkin is reporting that the left keeps on with its hate attacks on the Teaparty folks
Tired of the old, sexual vulgarity “Tea Bagger” popularized by the likes of CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Matt Taibbi, the Left has concocted a new epithet for the Tea Party movement:
The “Tea Klanners” or “Tea Klan.”
The meme has been spreading on Twitter and left-wing blogs. Now, it has surfaced among Alinsky’s avenging angels at the Denver Tea Party (via Peoples Press Collective):
The captions read: “New shape, same hate” and “Tea Klanners.”
No, they have no shame. And they have no clue. Even as they scream ever louder about the bigotry of the Tea Party activists, the wide movement of anti-bailout, anti-cramdown activists continues to attract a truly diverse mass of people. Take, for example, one of the attendees spotlighted in Examiner editor J.P. Freire’s post on some rather, er, eclectic D.C. Tea Party protesters. Just go read it through until the end.
via Michelle Malkin » “Tea Klanner:” The Left’s shameless new smear.

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