Photo Shows Horrified GOP MSM can't cover Official After Savage Beating but play Clinton militia conjecture

While the Left stream media continues to talk about potential inciting of violence from the right-wing rhetoric, it completely ignores real violence against conservatives.  A MSM media who forgets g20 riots and re-create 68 destruction have to demonize teaparty groups from what we have seen have NEVER caused violence toward anyone.
Timothy McVeigh retaliated against a President Clinton’s dealings with Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidian where people really did get MURDERED at the hands of the US Government.
Clinton has the nerve to suggest that McVeigh was part of some large right-wing militia group when the FBI still negates the Arab connection in the case.
But when REAL violence takes place the MSM ignores it.  Why?  Not part of their conspiracy theories or not fitting into the box that left-wing nuts are peace loving.
Why does it take a small blog to point out the news?  We don’t have the budget the MSM seems to be using on photo ops at tea party conventions where they can’t even differentiate between a real teaparty activist and someone from Lyndon Louche.

On Friday April 9, 2010, GOP official Allee Bautsch and her boyfriend Joe Brown attended a Republican dinner at Brennan’s restaurant in New Orleans. When they left this event the young Republicans were followed from the restaurant by a group of five white men who hurled insults at them calling Allee a “little blond bitch” and calling Joe a “f**king f*ggot.” They savagely beat and stomped on the young Republican couple just blocks from the restaurant.
Photo Credit The Hayride:
Allee Bautsch suffered a broken leg from the beatdown outside to the SRLC dinner at Brennan’s Restaurant in New Orleans. She had her leg operated on over the weekend and it will take her months to recover. Her boyfriend Joe Brown suffered a broken nose, a broken jaw, and a concussion. They were attacked after leaving the Southern Republican Leadership Conference dinner at Brennan’s Restaurant.
(Photo from Jindal’s Facebook Page via The Hayride)

Today Gov. Bobby Jindal told reporters he wasn’t going to comment further on the investigation that left his chief fundraiser and her boyfriend injured. If Jindal wanted to improve his national profile he would hold a press conference and ask the public for their assistance to help solve this crime. But, so far he has remained mostly silent after his chief fundraiser was brutally beaten in the streets. He should rethink this. via Gateway Pundit.
Ruby Ridge – Gunman killed baby

United States brought in TANKS to subdue American Citizens that infuriated Timothy McVeigh to bomb Oklahoma City building

Was this the work of Teaparty Patriots?  No, retaliation for the killing of incident children at Ruby Ridge and the Branch Dravidian under President Bill Clinton

Oklahoma City bombing

Branch Davidian

Ruby Ridge

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  1. Motivated by his hatred of the federal government and angered by what he perceived as its mishandling of the Waco Siege (1993) and the Ruby Ridge incident (1992), McVeigh timed his attack to coincide with the second anniversary of the deaths at Waco.
    via Oklahoma City bombing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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