Obama loses cool with gay rights hecklers in L.A.

President Obama is used to hearing his name yelled angrily at conservative Tea Party protests. On Monday night, however, he faced hecklers at a more unlikely venue: a Democratic fundraiser in Los Angeles for California Sen. Barbara Boxer.

And yes, the hecklers were attacking the president from the left. “Repeal ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’!” the protesters yelled, referring to the 1993 military policy that bans gays and lesbians from openly serving. Obama responded, “We are going to do that; hey, hold on a second, hold on a second.”
The rest of the crowd then began chanting Obama’s signature campaign chant: “Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can!” You can watch the outburst — and Obama’s replies — here:

During the 2008 campaign, Obama repeatedly pledged to kill the controversial policy, and in January’s State of the Union address, he reiterated that vow. But progress has been slow. The administration claims that’s because a full repeal would require a separate bill in Congress repudiating the congressionally approved 1993 law — and it’s been hard to work such a bill into an already overcrowded Capitol Hill agenda. In March, the Pentagon announced it was relaxing enforcement of the ban, to clear the path for eventual repeal.
Obama returned to the issue of repeal in his Monday speech. “When you’ve got an ally like Barbara Boxer and you’ve got an ally like me who are standing for the same thing, then you don’t know exactly why you’ve got to holler, because we already hear you, all right,” Obama remarked to applause. “I mean, it would have made more sense to holler that at the people who oppose it.”
But the hollering didn’t let up. “It’s time for equality for all Americans,” shouted one. Obama again stressed his opposition to the ban, and again said, “I don’t know why you’re hollering.” The group broke into another “Yes we can!” chant.
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Michelle Malkin had this to say.  Not the color of ones skin it is the thickness

Touchy, touchy, touchy. Guess President Obama couldn’t tell the gay hecklers who interrupted his DNC fund-raising speech to sit down and shut up. Because that would be, you know, intolerant and hateful and all the things he accuses the Tea Party movement of every day.
Instead, the thin-skinned commander-in-chief snarked: “I’m sorry, do you want to come up here?”
The video is up at Real Clear Politics. The story is up at the Washington Times.
Will the White House press office team put on their civility badges and start lecturing gay activists about the need for calm discourse?
Michelle Malkin

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  1. The Video stopped at the point Obama was losing it and said “sorry this video no longer available” What a punk he cant take a little heckling, pretty tough with the security around him. But post a video of it and he cant take it..And this was from the left. This guy is so spineless. If he is campaigning for Boxer she will lose

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