SCOTUS: Mojave Cross honoring WWI Veterans Stays

The Supreme Court says Uncover that cross!
The Supreme Court has said a federal court went too far in ordering the removal of a congressional endorsed war memorial cross from its longtime home in California.

In ruling the cross could stay, the justices said federal judges in California did not take sufficient notice of the government’s decision to transfer the land in a remote area of California to private ownership. The move was designed to eliminate any constitutional concern about a religious symbol on public land. (See earlier story) The ruling was 5-4, with the court’s conservatives in the majority. “The Constitution,” wrote the majority, “does not oblige government to avoid any public acknowledgment of religion’s role in society.”
Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute is delighted with the decision, saying it addresses a crucial issue “on whether or not the government is going to allow individuals and others [to use religious symbols] to recognize those who’ve died in the service of our country….”
Dacus points out that the use of religious symbols has been a part of the nation’s history and a practice that has been long accepted in the past — and he is pleased that the high court has not deviated from precedent.

Cross has been covered but the SCOTUS says the Cross stays and will be uncovered

With the permission of Congress, one acre of federal land where the cross sits was turned over to private parties. That fact, says Dacus, was a critical factor in the court’s decision.
“The fact that that [land transfer] did occur is such that this court was correct in that you can’t have a federal endorsement if the land is not federal property any longer — and that’s what this case hinged on,” says the attorney.
Because lower courts held the cross to be unconstitutional, it had been encased in a wooden box — pending a final ruling — so people could not see it.
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Supreme Court: The Mojave desert cross can stay
Supreme Court: Desert Cross Can Stay as Memorial to Fallen Vets

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