Southbound traffic Jam: Illegal Immigrants to leave Arizona due to new law

Sometimes a bill can have the desired outcome just by passing it.  Seems that times are too tough for illegals in Arizona since they will be questioned about their immigration status.  They are going home!  yes, Illegals can’t take it anymore… the new law is too much for them to handle.
I am just wondering, is it possible to make the border wide open in one direction?  I think we need that.
This is just a joke the mainstream media is passing as news.  Illegals are going to leave America because of a Law… Yeah like laws meant anything to Illegals before.

The AP writes: Illegal Immigrants to Boycott Arizona?
Reading is believing:
via Illegal Immigrants to Boycott Arizona? – Kathryn Jean Lopez – The Corner on National Review Online.

Breaking News Michelle Malkin is NOT White
Bonus video: Here’s my debate with open-borders smooth talker Francisco Hernandez. I call him Francisco Suave. He really should be on Dancing with the Stars. His two-step is a sight to behold:

On a related note: Kris Kobach’s op-ed in the New York Times (yes, the NYT!) today is a must-read. Kris authored the Arizona law and unlike the president, he knows what he is talking about
Other states are considering passing a Immigration Law similar to the one in Arizona

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