H.R. 2499 Passes House – Puerto Rico a Potential 51st State

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The United States’ unemployment rate remains high at 9.7 percent. States are in the unfair position of having to take immigration law into their own hands. Americans are angry about the overspending in D.C., increased taxes, an aggressive health care bill, and proposals for “cap and trade.” But despite all of these looming issues, what legislation does Congress plan to tackle today, April 29? H.R. 2499 (Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2009), a piece of legislation that may allow Puerto Rico to become a state.  The bill requires Puerto Rico to hold an election on a referendum that reads, “Do you want to maintain the status quo?” Now, if it seems strange that a bill related to potentially adding a 51st state to our union does not once mention the word “statehood,” it should.

The referendum is purposely written this way to bring about a desired result. Legislators know what the answer would be if Puerto Rican voters are asked to vote on statehood, since in the past 40 years, Puerto Ricans have eagerly voted against becoming a state three times. The most recent vote took place in 1998, when voters were provided with the following four choices: a.) statehood; b.) sovereignty; c.) modified commonwealth; d.) none of the above.  Of the choices, the response was overwhelmingly choice “D.”
As reported by The John Birch Society, “[Puerto Rico] enjoys their commonwealth status, which allows them to enjoy the protection and freedoms and even financial benefits of the United States without paying federal income taxes.”
But if voters are asked whether they want to maintain the “status quo,” a loaded and misleading question, that might just change their answer. Glenn Beck says, “Do YOU want to maintain the status quo of OUR country right now? Nope. If Bertha Lewis, who, you know, runs ACORN, if she were watching, I can guarantee you if I said: ‘Hey, Bertha, do you want to maintain our current status? Maintain the status quo?’ I guarantee Bertha Lewis would say ‘hell, no!’ See the trick?”
Yes we do, but no thanks to the mainstream media, who has barely covered this bill in between rants about “Tea Party violence.”  As it turns out, if Puerto Ricans vote “no” on the referendum, the next step involves a second vote between whether Puerto Ricans wish to acquire statehood or full independence. Not a tough choice there!
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For our MANY ESL folks
Pasa el proyecto de status
Por El Nuevo Día
El pleno de la Cámara de Representantes federal aprobó (223-169) el proyecto 2499 que regula un proceso de dos consultas en torno al futuro político de la Isla.
Pero, lo hizo después de que la republicana Virginia Foxx (Carolina del Norte) le cambiara el concepto al proyecto e incluyera el Estado Libre Asociado como una de las cuatro opciones de la segunda consulta.
Según fue aprobada la legislación, en una primera consulta los electores seleccionarían entre el actual status y un cambio de status.
Pero, en la segunda – si los electores decidieran apoyar un cambio de status – se incluirían las alternativas del ELA, estadidad, independencia y libre asociación.
Sigue las incidencias minuto a minuto:
6:41p.m.- Por sólo cuatro votos, 198-194, quedó derrotada una moción republicana que hubiese engavetado todo el proyecto 2499 de status. En estos momentos votan para aprobar el mismo.
6:18p.m.- La enmienda octava, del republicano Hastings, no se llevó a votación porque había sido retirada durante el debate. Hastings había propuesto sustituir el 2499 por una expresión en el sentido de que Puerto Rico tiene – y ha tenido – autoridad para realizar sus propias consultas de status.
6:14p.m.- También se echó a un lado (223-171) la enmienda de la congresista Nydia Velázquez que hubiese expresado que el Congreso considera que para que haya un cambio de status debía haber un proceso que se iniciara en Puerto Rico.
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  1. More of Obama’s socialistic plan put in motion behind the backs of the American people.
    Anyone who voted for this man also has to accept responsibility for the destruction of the Constitution and the United States of America!
    EVERYONE should have known what these words meant: “We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” But apparently those who voted for BO don’t understand the English language!
    Obama needs to be IMPEACHED before it is too late to repair the damage! It may be too late now.
    We can only hope when Puerto Rico is “forced” to vote on this, that they vote D) none of the above!

    • “We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”
      It just shows that folks don’t understand what ‘fundamental’ means. It is a clear attack on our basic documents and values

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