Jones gets White House ethics waiver

The White House released an ethics waiver Saturday for Gen. Jim Jones, the administration’s national security adviser.

In a blog post on the White House, Norm Eisen, the president’s ethics counsel, said Jones was given a waiver so he could give a short speech introducing former President Bill Clinton at the Atlantic Council. Before joining the Obama administration in January 2009, Jones was the chairman of the board for the council, which was a volunteer, unpaid position.
“Because our rules are so tough, they occasionally yield unintended consequences. We attempt to take a common-sense approach to those situations,” Eisen said in his post.
Jones gave the speech Wednesday of this past week. Jones did speak about the Atlantic Council’s work or fundraise for the organization in his introductory remarks for Clinton. In addition, his speech was open to the press, according to the ethics waiver.
via Jones gets White House ethics waiver – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room.

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