NERD PROM: Leno Tanks, Influential and Beautiful Meet at WHCD

Even with all the fanfare a preparation, the Comedy form both the President and Jay Leno was the worst in recent history.  The President actually was funnier than the hired help.  Leno Needed Kevin Eubanks for his bit.
We noted that on that VPOTUS Joe Biden has saved or created over 100 comedian jobs

The White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, a yearly convergence of policymakers, entertainers and the people who cover them, was under way at the Washington Hilton on Saturday night. Nearly 3,000 people dined on wheat berry terrine and roasted halibut as they awaited standup routines from Jay Leno, host of the “Tonight Show,” and President Obama.
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The 96-year-old event is one of the capital’s most glamorous, complete with a red carpet and exclusive galas. While the gathering honors journalistic achievements and raises money for the association’s scholarship fund, the boldface names in attendance tend to generate the most excitement. The likes of teen heartthrobs Justin Beiber and the Jonas Brothers mingled with Leon Panetta, the Central Intelligence Agency director. Kim Kardashian of reality show fame was in the room with Chris Matthews, a fixture of the original reality programming: the talking head panel. Twitter users characterized the event succinctly: “#nerdprom.”
The event is seen by many as an opportunity for politicians and reporters to put aside daily antagonisms, but that can be awkward as well. After a biting critique of President Bush by Stephen Colbert in 2006, organizers have pursued entertainers with less edge. After that year, The Times enacted a policy of not attending the dinner.

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White House Correspondents Dinner Tweets

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whpresscorps: RT @andylevy From what I’m reading on twitter, it’s possible that what the NYPD found was Jay Leno’s notes for #nerdprom.
8 minutes ago
BagNewsNotes: Bring back Bush + Bush impersonator. #nerdprom
13 minutes ago
whpresscorps: RT @WestWingReport Only tweet of the night: Very disappointing entertainment. #nerdprom #whcd
13 minutes ago
WestWingReport: Only tweet of the night: Very disappointing entertainment. #nerdprom #whcd
14 minutes ago
GregMitch: Times Square evacuated due to suspected bomb–but Wash D.C. still not evacuated after definite bomb at #nerdprom
14 minutes ago
TheFix: Time for leno to end it. Everyone ready to head out. #nerdprom
15 minutes ago
BagNewsNotes: Cheesy videos 0, Leno 0. #nerdprom
17 minutes ago
jeffemanuel: RT @newsbusters: RT @hmfearny: Yes #nerdprom Obama respects you, that’s why he hasn’t given a press conference since July.
17 minutes ago
PatrickRuffini: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz #nerdprom
18 minutes ago
RobGeorge: Leno: “President Obama has most diverse administration in history — every ward of Chicago is represented.” #nerdprom
18 minutes ago
RobGeorge: Leno: With GOP visiting lesbian bondage club, Republicans don’t want lesbians getting married, but likes seeing them tie the knot! #nerdprom
21 minutes ago
peterdaou: Obama may have been flat, but Leno is just bombing #nerdprom
26 minutes ago
peterdaou: RT @GregMitch Already missing Stephen Colbert. // Remember how stunned the audience was by Colbert’s biting humor #nerdprom
26 minutes ago
BagNewsNotes: Colbert 100, Leno 0. #nerdprom
26 minutes ago
newsbusters: RT @hmfearny: Yes #nerdprom Obama respects you, that’s why he hasn’t given a press conference since July.
27 minutes ago
BagNewsNotes: Waffles 1, Obama 0 #nerdprom
28 minutes ago
BagNewsNotes: Obama 1, Boehner’s tan 0 #nerdprom
33 minutes ago
peterdaou: Good that he’s moving to serious business. These times really call for it. #nerdprom
33 minutes ago
peterdaou: Obama is usually very funny at these types of events but aside from a couple of good zingers, this feels flat #nerdprom
34 minutes ago
newsbusters: RT @BrandonKiser: The media’s clapping for the #hcr law? Unbiased, they are. #nerdprom
35 minutes ago
tvnewser: Obama calls out @RickSanchezCNN Iceland clip, plays audio. “I guess that’s why they’re the most trusted name in news.” #nerdprom
36 minutes ago
whpresscorps: RT @TheFix “I had my heart set on the Nobel prize for physics…you can’t win them all.” — Obama #nerdprom #whcd
38 minutes ago
BagNewsNotes: Obama 1, Goldman Sachs 0, Scott Brown’s daughters 0, Michael (Notorious GOP) Steele 0, McCain 0, Charlie Crist -5, #nerdprom
40 minutes ago
whpresscorps: RT @TheFix Obama calls Michael Steele the Notorious GOP #nerdprom #whcd
41 minutes ago
BagNewsNotes: Obama 2, Leno -1. #nerdprom
44 minutes ago
whpresscorps: RT @TheFix “my approval ratings are still high in the country of my birth” — Prez O #nerdprom #whcd
44 minutes ago
BagNewsNotes: Obama 1, Birthers 0. #nerdprom
46 minutes ago
mikemadden: On way to see Kermit Ruffins play live jazz in a bowling alley in New Orleans. (Beats #nerdprom pretty handily.)
50 minutes ago
GregMitch: Men of Steele RT @pourmecoffee I splurged for C-SPAN After Dark to see the bondage-themed GOP afterparty. Should be hot. #nerdprom
51 minutes ago
MysteryPollster: Oh, and nerd milestone yes, but needless to say, no #nerdprom for me
55 minutes ago
Johngcole: Leno! That’s some edgy shit! Get back to me when they unleash Louis CK on these pricks. #nerdprom
57 minutes ago
ewerickson: @edie_emery much rather this bar in Denver to #nerdprom
58 minutes ago
TheFix: Ah #nerdprom where the audience listens to nothing the speakers say.
1 hour 3 minutes ago

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The sadly obligatory White House Correspondents Dinner open thread

I know, I know. No one finds this thing more loathsome than I do, especially the strained attempts at self-deprecation by participants embarrassed by their own status-seeking (“Nerdprom!”). But there’s nothing else going on and, let’s face it, there’s bound to be some joke in Obama’s speech that makes the news tomorrow. So here’s your chance to critique him, and them, as it happens. I believe CNN is carrying the whole evening live, starting at 7 p.m. with the, ahem, red carpet. If I’m wrong about that, try C-SPAN. Those with strong stomachs might want to check in periodically with the Twitter “nerdprom” feed too, where interesting gossip occasionally floats through the sea of journalistic self-regard. Fun fact: The NYT skips this thing every year because it doesn’t want to seem too cozy with the people it’s covering. Little late for that, kids.
If you’re watching, be on the lookout for the reception given to Jay Leno. One cute thing about lefty “nerds” is that, while they’d never admit it, they fancy themselves hip in an Enlightened sort of way, and Leno, of course, is the least hip comic this side of Milton Berle. Not only that but he’s the villain who pushed their poor, hip, darling “Coco” from the ledge at NBC. Can a crowd that worships Jon Stewart and Colbert be content with a guy known for cutting funny headlines out of newspapers? We’ll find out.
via Hot Air » The sadly obligatory White House Correspondents Dinner open thread.

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