Gulf oil spill: Worst-case scenario

Conspiracy theories are flying about the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig explosion from Eco-terrorists, North Korea Torpedo,  Middle East terrorists, all the way to the White House media black out and the sending of SWAT teams to other oil rigs.  With all the events in the last 24 hours.. one begins to wonder.  One reader even gave an April Time line:

April – Second drilling rig overturns, LA
April – Firefighters battle flames at oil refinery in Memphis, 1 critically injured –
April – Deep Rig Fires Up, Explodes, Sinks –
April – Officials: 2 coal miners dead in Kentucky accident –
April – 25 killed in West Virginia mine blast –
April – 5 die in Anacortes, Wash. refinery blast, fire –

Whatever is going on the Oil spill is worse than BP and the Government has released.  Some folks in the know are now saying the oil slick could roll around Florida and head up the East coast.
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Bad news: The tragic explosion of the BP oil drilling rig Deepwater Horizon could turn into an environmental disaster much bigger than anyone anticipated. Never mind the slick that’s already reaching fragile marshes and estuaries that may soon be smothered in oil: This is a “spill” that keeps on spilling. The Mobile, Ala., newspaper says a leaked NOAA document shows the government is concerned that pipes at the bottom of the gulf could deteriorate further and the spill could turn into an unchecked gusher. Everyone today is sounding a lot more alarmed.

From the Press-Register:

Satellite photos of Oil Slick
Gulf of Mexico Oil Slick as seen from Space

“Two additional release points were found today. If the riser pipe deteriorates further, the flow could become unchecked resulting in a release volume an order of magnitude higher than previously thought.”
In scientific circles, an order of magnitude means something is 10 times larger. In this case, an order of magnitude higher would mean the volume of oil coming from the well could be 10 times higher than the 5,000 barrels a day coming out now. That would mean 50,000 barrels a day, or 2.1 million gallons a day.

This is pretty scary. It’s a reminder that you can’t plan your next crisis. Government officials are counting on BP to do more to check the spill, but BP executives don’t face voters — elected officials do, and they’ll be held accountable for how they respond to this. If you’re Obama you probably want to do more than just send three Cabinet officials.
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