GOP to use internet for 'Commitment to America'

Remember the 1994 “Contract with America” that propelled Republicans back into the majority of the House of Representatives with its author Newt Gingrich as their speaker?

Well, 16 years later, it’s back to the future — the GOP is again drafting a blueprint designed to take back control of Congress. But this time, it is looking for authors everywhere, and if you want help write the 2010 GOP “Commitment to America,” you can take out your iPhone or BlackBerry and point your browser to a new GOP website coming soon.
House Republicans are teaming up with what they call a “major U.S. software giant” to hold an interactive discussion with people wherever and whenever they want to talk, blog or tweet.
While many details of the GOP effort to develop its midterm platform are still under wraps, here’s the way it’s supposed to work:
The House GOP will roll out a new website in coming weeks that will allow the public to post ideas, send e-mail and hold video conferences to tell Republicans what policies they should be pushing.
The online portal will allow anyone to log on and create a personal “profile,” similar to Facebook. Users will be able to vote up or down on other people’s submissions — similar to the “like it” thumbs-up feature on Facebook. Proposals can be sorted by how popular they are, or how many “votes” they receive.
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