MSNBC Olbermann Absurd Defense Of Banning Dissenting Voices From Show

Looks like thin-skinned Keith Olbermann is getting defensive about his policy of prohibiting any guests on his show who disagree with him.  An MSNBC Countdown promo features Olbermann making an absurd non sequitur of an argument in seeking to justify his echo-chamber approach.

Keith claims he asks questions “to find out if I’m wildly incorrect” about something, ignoring the obvious: he’s unlikely to find out if he’s wrong if he hand picks guests who think he’s right!

KEITH OLBERMANN: The premise of the guests is often misunderstood as some sort of political reinforcement, or a “Keith gets only the guys who agree with him.”  I ask a lot of these questions to find out whether or not I’m wildly incorrect about something. The point of the show is to illuminate.  It is not to throw off heat; it is to throw off light.
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