Arizona Protesters, "Burn this Racist City" painted on the Streets, media remains silent

Ever get the feeling that MSNBC and CNN refrain from reporting violence or violent speech from protesters who that share their political agenda?
Anti-Arizona protesters Spray Painting speech that incites violence by saying, “Burn this City” .  Anyone EVER see similar behavior from a Tea Party group?  But yet the Mainstream media continues with their accusations of conservatives assembling because they hate a “Black Man” President Obama.  Interestingly, many Tea party groups are endorsing Black conservative candidates for office.
Maybe it is about the ideology of the President and not that he happens to be Black.
Now in Arizona, Protesters are inciting violence, becoming violent because they don’t want current laws enforced.
What gets me is, last time I was in Mexico, I was traveling south of Cancun toward an area to take in some snorkeling.  On the highway we were met by a road block with 1012  Mexican soldiers with Machine guns.  They demanded to search our vehicle and check our papers.  In Mexico, you can throw a protest and refuse to cooperate.. you go to jail.. a Mexican Jail
Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit had this to say:

Nice. Anti-Arizona protesters spray painted “burn this racist city” on Phoenix sidewalks:

Far left Attorney General Eric Holder told ABC today that the Arizona immigration law was not racist.
…Maybe because 60% of voters still support the new law despite the left’s constant attacks against Arizona and the bill.
via Gateway Pundit.

Interesting how Eric Holder has flip-flopped once again.  Guess those focus groups are in full election 2010 swing.

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