What not a Disgruntled Tea Party attendee? Holder admits that Pakistani Taliban Behind Times Square Plot

Hold it… I thought the Times square Bomber was a disgruntled Tea Party attendee who was upset over Obama’s health care bill and  George W.  Bush for  allowing his home to go into foreclosure? Or was it one of the many other theories the mainstream media hoped for instead of Radical Islam

Attorney General Eric Holder says the Pakistani Taliban was ”intimately involved” in Faisal Shahzad’s failed Times Square bombing.
Read the Rest at   – NYTimes.com.

AG Holder now trying to look like he is on top of the story by appearing on Sunday news shows.  Probably wondering why Right-wing nuts won’t give him ammo for their left wing shoot-out over conservatives disdain for Obama’s polices.

Eric Holder & Obama Admin Now Believe Pakistan Taliban Behind Time Square Bomber
Eric Holder does the Backstroke (getting quite good at it)

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