Brown off to see the Queen, to Resign as British Prime Minister, Conservatives will Rule

The times they are a changing, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is off to see the Queen to formally resign from office.  Why is this important in the United States?  When Britain Goes conservative, things are changing.

Gordon Brown could resign as Britain’s prime minister Tuesday night, British news media were reporting Tuesday as the United Kingdom waited to hear whether they will soon have a new conservative leader residing in 10 Downing Street.

Unconfirmed reports by at least two British newspapers said baggage was taken out of the prime minister’s official residence Tuesday afternoon, further fueling rumors that Brown was set to quit within hours.

Several cars were seen coming and going from the London walk-up on Tuesday. An official departure requires the prime minister to submit his resignation in person to Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace, turning over the proverbial keys to the castle. The queen was said to have arrived at the palace on Tuesday afternoon.

The latest effort to form a coalition government — between Brown’s left-of-center Labour Party and Nick Clegg’s even more left-of-center Liberal Democrats — “never got off the ground,” according to a Labour Party source who spoke to Sky News, Fox News’ sister network in Britain.

That puts Conservative Party leader David Cameron in the position of demanding Clegg make a decision about the previous offer on the table — a merger that lets Cameron take the prime minister’s spot, Clegg get a cabinet seat and a pledge for the government to work on voting reforms.

Cameron would have to go to the palace within 24 hours of Brown’s resignation to get the queen’s blessing.

via – Reports: Brown to Resign as British Prime Minister, Conservative Set to Take Reins.

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