Michelle Malkin is a Jim DeMint Fan

Michelle Malkin and I agree here, She is a Fan of South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint.  Thankfully I live in the great state and Malkin has to put up with Denver Politics.  Maybe you should make the move to the Conservative south Ms. Malkin, you know folks would love to have you.  How are you on Low Country Boil, Chitterlings, and Okra?

He’s always been one of my favorites. Today, WaPo profiles the conservative ascendancy of S.C. GOP Sen. Jim DeMint. Read the whole thing. The article ends with this notable quotable:
“I don’t know that I’m always going to be right, but I do know this: I’m not going to sit on the sidelines again. When we tell people we’re the conservative party … I want to make sure we have people sitting in those seats who really mean it.”
A welcome antidote to McCain Regression Syndrome.
via Michelle Malkin » The rise of Jim DeMint.

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