MSNBC uses Dem Talking Point That Kagan is not 'Liberal Enough'

What is liberal enough for the media anyway?  Chairman Mao?  This is a Left wing Political strategist tactic that is so old.  Introduce in the media that the nominee, “may not be liberal enough” so the right might give in on a fight for confirmation.
Already we see she a few negatives out there.  She was not a fan of don’t ask, don’t tell that was the law of the land under President Clinton.  How did she respond?  She took it out on the Military by keeping recruiters off campus.  She has almost no case law history.  What we do have is a few writings were she said that socialism’s failure was “sad”.
Right leaning folks shouldn’t buy this elementary attempt to paint her as a Moderate.  Watch out for the Senators, as with Sotomayor, to tout her personal story rather than here political beliefs.  That is a sure sign that there is gold under the rocks.

Twice in the span of ten minutes, MSNBC on Tuesday ran segments touting left-wing complaints that Elena Kagan may not be “liberal enough.” News Live host Peter Alexander seriously speculated of the Supreme Court pick: “…But who is really most frustrated with the pick? It seems as many liberal groups are upset by this as are conservatives.”
Later in the 10am hour, Alexander worried, “And also right now on the left, she may not be liberal enough. That’s the complaint there. Some progressives say she’s too much of a blank slate to know how she stands on any issue.” He also uncritically listed the issues Kagan is supposedly conservative on, including “supporting banning late term abortions.”

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