Elena Kagan on SCOTUS confirmation process, "vapid and hollow charade"

What is most telling is her past view on the whole confirmation process… she said it was a “vapid and hollow charade, in which repetition of platitudes has replaced discussion of viewpoints and personal anecdotes have supplanted legal analysis.”  Now that she is a Nominee herself…. she has reversed that view.

Here is when you know there is issues with a nominees beliefs, the emphasis will be on a “good story”.  When the White House touts her ability to play softball I get to wondering about how she would rule as a Supreme Court Justice.
What should be an issue for minorities is Kagan never hired an African-American out of 28 opportunities to hire.  An issue for woman is out of those 28 she hired only 6 woman,
When she refers to gun rights, she quotes recent case law, rather then the constitution bill or rights.  This probably indicates a potential justice who will focus on recent president rather than the founder fathers.
My understanding is that she only barred military recruiters from the career center, while a problem, she didn’t ban the military from campus completely.
All this speculation on whether she is gay based on her appearance is shameful.  I am not concerned whether she is male, female, black, Hispanic, Jewish, or gay.  I am only concerned about how she would rule as a SCOTUS judge.
We have very little case law to go on… one thing that bothers me the most is her thesis that had a statement that socialism’s failure “while sad” ….
Our future Judge is probably best known by the President.. who would he choose?  Probably someone who would help in his plight to fundamentally change America.
via Elena Kagan Nominated to Supreme Court: Personal Life, Husband? | NowPublic News Coverage.

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