Global Warming Alert: Mongolia worst Winter in 50 years

Here is another one of our Global Warming Alerts:
From Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit:

The Mongolian winter has created a humanitarian crisis.
Breitbart reported:
Nearly 20 percent of Mongolia’s livestock has died as a result of one of the worst winters in 50 years, and the figure could double by the end of the year unless some $18 million in humanitarian funding is met, the United Nations said Wednesday.
“We are looking at a very serious loss of livelihood for the population,” Rana Flowers, a representative of the U.N. Children’s Fund in Mongolia who is also coordinating U.N. assistance in the country briefed reporters while in Geneva.
At least 8.1 million out of Mongolia’s 44 million cattle have perished this winter due to the extreme weather, locally known as a “Dzud”.
The phenomenon is characterized by dry summers followed by long, cold and snowy winters. Its impact on livestock is longer, as the following summer will be too short for the livestock to regain its strength before the next winter.
Rana said that one-third of Mongolia’s population, or nearly 180,000 households, are dependent on herding for their livelihoods.
So far, the United Nations estimates that 30,000 households have seen at least half of their livestock perish, and a further 9,000 families lost all of their animals.
Two years ago junk scientist Al Gore promised that the arctic ice cap would be melted entirely in 5 years.
We haven’t forgotten.

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via Gateway Pundit.

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