Specter Dementia: Thanks Allegheny County Republicans for endorsement

It’s been a tough week for Arlen Specter.  He’s dropped out of the lead in his Democratic primary, falling behind Joe Sestak in exactly the way he feared he would against Pat Toomey in the Republican primary — by losing the base.  In fact, Specter had a difficult time remembering exactly which base he was addressing last night:
The first time Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) slipped up here Tuesday night at the Allegheny County Democratic Committee’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, most in the audience pretended not to notice.
But at the end of his remarks when Specter again thanked the “the Allegheny County Republicans” for their endorsement, many couldn’t help but laugh nervously and shoot did-he-really-just-say-that looks at each other.
We have to give the man a bit of a break here.  He’s switched sides so often that even Specter can’t recall which team’s jersey he wears.  Specter tried getting more firm with his allegiance by praising Barack Obama in a campaign video, but unfortunately, too many people noticed that it was almost a word-for-word rehash of his 2004 ad with George Bush
Read the full story at  Hot Air » Obama to Specter: Please don’t stand so close to me.

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