Greta asks Am I wrong on Immigration ?

If everyone agrees (and so far, every politician and guest and person I have spoken to does) illegal immigration is a problem….why won’t our federal government get off its ___ and do something???

Last night I interviewed a woman member of the LA City Council who stunned me.  She admits illegal immigration is a problem.  So what does LA City Council do? It passes a resolution to boycott Arizona!  Arizona?  Why not pass a resolution to “boycott the Federal government?”  It is the Federal government that has messed this up and just sits there not doing anything.

The Federal Government – not the states, not the cities – has all the Constitutional power to address illegal immigration and yet all we get from the Federal Government for 20+ years is ‘blah blah…need to secure borders…blah blah blah…need to secure borders…blah blah….need to secure borders…blah blah..” and no real solution. The national politicians want your vote, so they will tell you they will fix illegal immigration but then they don’t even try.  Sure it is a tough problem and maybe there is no solution but don’t you at least think they would try instead of all the blah blah blah?   We could at least try to do something.  I realize the difficulties of solving some problems but I also appreciate it when someone at least tries to fix it instead just blah blah and more blah.

The LA City Council, in the midst of a real national problem, and instead of standing tall with Arizona and demanding the Federal Government do something about what everyone agrees is a real problem, decides to focus on whether Arizona is politically correct or not. Go figure..

(And no, I am not in favor of racial profiling….but I am also not in favor of us ‘going stupid’ and making no effort to fix what everyone agrees is a national problem.)

I just don’t get it….am I wrong?
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