The 73% fringe that supports AZ immigration law

Here is a great post from Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air:

Barack Obama and the Democrats keep trying to paint the new law in Arizona on immigration as some sort of misguided effort by a frustrated fringe.  Unfortunately for them, a new poll from Pew Research shows that they’re the fringe — even in their own party.  Almost three-quarters of Americans support Arizona’s new law, and almost two-thirds of Democrats support the already-law requirement for immigrants to carry ID:

The public broadly supports a new Arizona law aimed at dealing with illegal immigration and the law’s provisions giving police increased powers to stop and detain people who are suspected of being in the country illegally.

Fully 73% say they approve of requiring people to produce documents verifying their legal status if police ask for them. Two-thirds (67%) approve of allowing police to detain anyone who cannot verify their legal status, while 62% approve of allowing police to question people they think may be in the country illegally.

But that’s just those nutty Republicans, right?  Wrong.  While Democrats split evenly on the law itself, the two provisions that caused the most controversy get broad support from Obama’s own party:

However, majorities of Democrats approve of two of the law’s principal provisions: requiring people to produce documents verifying legal status (65%) and allowing police to detain anyone unable to verify their legal status (55%).

That’s not the only bad news for Obama from Pew.  While they have his overall job approval at a perhaps-generous 47%, his numbers on immigration have tanked over the last six months.  They started off badly in November, at 31/48, making immigration one of his weakest policy areas, but he’s managed to lose 12 points in the gap since.  He’s now at 25/54, down from 29/47 a month ago.  His dismissive attitude towards Arizona’s law has damaged him.

Read the full story over at  Hot Air » The 73% fringe that supports AZ immigration law.

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