Bill Maher Fights With Reality: Tells S.E. Cupp Media has Never Been Anti-Religion

On Friday night’s Real Time, HBO talk-host Bill Maher berated conservative (and fellow atheist) S.E. Cupp for her new book Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media’s Attack on Christianity. “Liberals are not atheists any more than conservatives are. Michael Moore is religious! Chris Matthews is religious! Al Sharpton is religious!” Maher went so far as to insist the liberal media has “never” attacked religion:

MAHER: But this is your premise, that the liberal media is attacking religion.
CUPP: They are.
MAHER: Where?
CUPP: Every day.
MAHER: Never. Never.
CUPP: Never?
MAHER: Never.
CUPP: Do you watch TV?
MAHER: I do. Do you?

CUPP: Do you read magazines?
MAHER: Let me give you your examples. This is, I’m reading, this is the ending, “A Decade of Lowlights From the Liberal Media.” These are your first three examples. Here’s Joy Behar. This is one of your examples. She’s talking about evolution –
CUPP: And she’s a friend. I’ve done her show.
MAHER: “You have to teach them both. Darwinism is not some kind of a religious fervor thing” – Teach both? So she’s for teaching both –
CUPP: No, what she said was that teaching creationism to kids should be akin to child abuse.
MAHER: No, she said you have to teach both.
CUPP: She said that facetiously.
MAHER: Well, that’s interesting you can divine that.
CUPP: She said on The View that teaching creationism should be akin to child abuse.

The actual clip from May 5, 2009 (video on The Huffington Post) is Behar badgering Sherri Shepherd into making sure her son Jeffrey hears the scientific proof, that she teaches both, not that the school does:

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