Republican Tim Burns will lose in Pennsylvania district 12

Quite a disappointment for Pennsylvania Republicans as the race to replace the Late John Murtha will stay in Democratic hands.  Republicans were touting this race as a referendum on Barack Obama and House Democrats but that is not the case.  This just shows this election cycle will be a tough call throughout the General Election in November

We may be on the verge of a great disappointment for Republicans. While no one doubted that the demographic challenge facing Republican Tim Burns in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional district, a variety of factors appeared to be working in his favor: the national mood, the usual GOP advantages in a special election, an advantage in fundraising, the broad support of national conservative groups, and polling that indicated a small but regular lead.

Tonight, Burns has not yet led Democrat Mark Critz; Critz is overperforming Obama – who narrowly lost the district – in most of the precincts that have reported. Critz, in fact, is running ahead of John Murtha’s numbers in 2008 in certain precincts.
via Burns? Oh, It Hurts Right Now. – The Campaign Spot – National Review Online.

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