Gallup: Americans say Morality in U.S. is Poor

It’s not just the Preacher in the local church saying morality is diminishing in the United States.  A new Gallup poll says that Americans’ are

three times more likely to describe the current state of moral values in the United States as “poor” than as “excellent” or “good.” Americans’ assessment of U.S. morality has never been positive, but the current ratings rank among the worst Gallup has measured over the past nine years.

Additionally, Gallup’s annual poll on moral values, conducted May 3-6, finds 76% of Americans saying moral values in the United States are getting worse; while 14% say they are getting better. Last year saw a slight improvement in these attitudes — with 21% saying values were getting better — but opinion has since reverted to near 2006-2008 levels.
via Americans’ Outlook for U.S. Morality Remains Bleak.

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