Boycott Arizona over its immigration law? 82% of Americans say NO

Despite President Obama’s claim that he sees no congressional appetite to address immigration reform this midterm election year, there’s more convincing evidence this week that Americans want it.

No White House administration wants to admit that it governs by polls. And this one hasn’t. For more than a year now polls have shown the top concerns on American minds are….

…jobs and the economy. As a result, this Obama White House and the whopping Democratic congressional majorities lead by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi invested those many months in rancorous intra-party debate to obtain broad healthcare legislation.
But pollsters keep asking the other questions:
Out Wednesday is a new CNN/Public Opinion poll indicating that even more Americans want:
— The number of illegal immigrants decreased (76%, up from 73%).
— Illegal immigrants removed from the country (41%, up from 37%).
— To halt the influx of illegal immigrants and deport those here (60%).
— To assign more federal agents to security on the Mexico border (88%).
— To fine employers of illegal immigrants tens of thousands of dollars (71%).
via About that boycott of Arizona over its new illegal immigrant law? 82% of Americans say, Nah! | Top of the Ticket | Los Angeles Times.

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