NPR Tavis Smiley: More Christians Than Muslims Blow Up People Every Single Day

PBS/NPR talk show host Tavis Smiley said that more Christians than Muslims kill people in this country everyday.  He pointed to the Columbine High School massacre as an example.  My problem with that is the Columbine killers asked Christians to stand up and then shot them dead.  I am sure Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold where not Christians.  Christians don’t believe they are going to Heaven by killing innocent people.

Not only does this man of the Left believe what he is saying, but he does it with passion and conviction. Smiley–a so-called Christian–is the product of a liberal education. Liberalism in America has triumphed. Its disciples use the Christian label only for leftist political means. The label is a badge of authenticity and authority in order to destroy the foundation of the structure they claim to live in.

For liberal “Christians” like Smiley, the old America was a concentration camp where blacks, Indians, women, and homosexuals were persecuted, while the America-to-come–always just a little beyond the horizon–is a Marxist paradise or multicultural university campus in which any human being’s desires are satisfied regardless of the quality of those desires or his willingness to work for them.

Smiley sees the world through a left-wing lens–not a Christian one. This is the only way one can explain such idiocy. If leftists continue to succeed in maligning Christians and excusing or exalting Muslims, we can only hope that American pop culture and education will destroy the character of their people as it has done to ours.

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