MMS suspends ALL drilling permits in Gulf of Mexico – Never Mind

Just one day after a permit was issued by MMS to drill 50 miles off the Gulf Coast in 115 feet of water, MMS has suspended ALL drilling in the Gulf no matter the depth of the water.  This comes as Majority leader Harry Reid says they will take up and Energy Bill in July and after President Obama said that there needs to be carbon taxes incorporated in the law.  Sound fishy?  You Betcha!
Update:  Email should have not gone out… Permits will be approved for shallow water…   So as Rosanne Rosanna Dana says.. never Mind!

The Minerals Management Service has stopped issuing permits for new oil and gas drilling in the Gulf of Mexico regardless of water depth, effectively extending President Obama‘s previously announced suspension of permits for deepwater drilling into the shallow waters.
Michael J. Saucier, regional supervisor of field operations for the MMS Gulf of Mexico region, said in an e-mail to one company seeking a permit that “until further notice we have been informed not to approve or allow any drilling not matter the water depth.” Only three days earlier the company had been informed that drilling in water up to 500 feet deep would not be affected by the Obama moratorium.
via MMS suspends permits for Gulf drilling regardless of water depth.

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