Pub Politics Refuses to post Jake Knotts Racial Slur video "to protect guests"

The Political Operatives Wesley Donehue and Phil Bailey who hosts the Columbia, SC political webcast Pub Politics has decided not to post the program where Guest,  Republican State Senator Jake Knotts, said “we already have a Rag Head in the White House, we don’t need another in the Governor’s Mansion”Donehue told CNN last night that he would be posting the video online today.  He is having second thoughts as he wishes to protect Knotts who is known for his off center comments.
Knotts said in a statement that Pub Politics was like the NBC late night show Saturday Night Live and all was said in Jest.  He further related that the program takes place in a Bar and he was being light hearted…
I didn’t know that Bars were appropriate places for racial slurs and Bigoted statements.
We think you should resign you Fat racist pig.. but that is all in jest… except for the resign part.
The Democrat party of South Carolina had it right, Knotts should resign.  The Republican leader in the state was not so straight forward, just asking Knotts to apologize so they could get back to business as usual.
We think that the South Carolina Republican Party should take a much stronger position and denounce racism and bigotry by anyone in the Republican party.
Why anyone would protect a Racist Bigot is beyond us.
Donehue spoke with David Weigel over at the Washington Post and shared his rational for withholding the video:
UPDATE: I talked briefly to Wes Donehue about this — the decision to keep the video offline, he said, was agreed upon by both co-hosts in order to protect their guests.
“The whole purpose of this show is to have fun with politics,” said Donehue, “and this comment flew in the face of that. We had three legislators on the show and it would not have been fair to them to be tied to this.”
On yesterday’s episode of Pub Politics, a South Carolina politics webcast co-hosted by conservative Wes Donehue and Democrat Phil Bailey, GOP State Sen. Jake Knotts reportedly said this as a swipe at gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley.
We already got one raghead in the White House, we don’t need a raghead in the governor’s mansion.Video of the interview has been kept offline since its initial broadcast. In a statement, Bailey and Donehue say that “what Senator Knotts said on Thursday’s show does not fit with our program and its goals.” Conveniently for Knotts — who has been condemned by state Republicans anyway — the lack of the video prevents the story from taking on more steam. What’s interesting about this is that Knotts is a close political ally of Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) — and Donehue, according to FEC reports, has done work for Wilson.
via Right Now – Inside the conservative movement and the Republican Party with David Weigel.

We will not be publishing Thursday’s episode of Pub Politics.

As we’ve said from the beginning of this show, our goal has always been to show the lighter side of politics in South Carolina. We want to show people that politics can be fun and you can talk civilly with those who disagree with you. What Senator Knotts said on Thursday’s show does not fit with our program and its goals.
Phil Bailey and Wesley Donehue
via Facebook | Pub Politics: Statement from Phil Bailey and Wesley Donehue.


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