SC Lt Gov Bauer "Proves" He Wasn't Behind Haley Attacks, didn't answer polygraph questions on his own sexual history

South Carolina Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer (R) “has released the results of a lie detector test which he says proves he isn’t behind a string of attacks against one of his Republican opponents, Rep. Nikki Haley (R), WIS-TV reports.

“In a GOP gubernatorial debate last week in Charleston, Haley accused Bauer of being responsible for charges of marital infidelity against her.”
Meanwhile, Bauer had previously told WCSC-TV that he would “absolutely” take a polygraph about his own rumored sexual history, as he has asked Haley to do. However, nothing was included in the results released.
First Read: “Seriously. Can South Carolina politics get any weirder?”
via Bauer “Proves” He Wasn’t Behind Haley Attacks.


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