Obama Sings 'Kick Ass' Song

The folks at Auto-tune the News have done it again, this time putting President Obama’s “Whose ass to kick” interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer to a hip-hop melody (h/t Right Scoop). Enjoy!

via Friday Night Funnies: Obama Sings ‘Kick Ass’ Song | NewsBusters.org.
I talk to the experts
So I know whose ass to kick
So I know whose ass to ki-i-ick
So I–So I know whose ass to kick
You know, when you talk to fishermen on the verge of tears,
gets you frustrated
There has not been an idea that we have not evaulated
I would love to vent–I would love to shout and holler
But my main job is to solve the problem
This happens and turns out they’ve had no idea what they’re doin
We’ve just gotta keep on movin, pushin and movin, we’re gonna get through it
People, they’re upset and they have every right to be
The best possible service from me is ass-KICKin
If it’s the last thing I do, I’ma kick BP’s ass
This is gonna be a very, very difficult task
Mr. T / Expert
Chuck Norris / Expert
Bruce Lee / Expert
Bruce Willis / Expert
Betty White / Expert
Al Pacino / Expert
Tinky Winky……………Expert
Jack Bauer / Expert
Jackie Chan / Expert
Darth Vader / Expert
Peter Pan / Expert
Genghis Khan / Expert
Batman / Expert
THE LOLLIPOP GUIIIIIIIIILD / Ya know, I have to tell ya…expert

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