Gresham Barrett Camp Pushes Story On Nikki Haley's Faith

CNN published a story at 9:25 a.m. this morning titled “Haley’s path to Christianity leaves some evangelicals uneasy.” The story informs readers that Nikki Haley, who was raised a Sikh and converted to Christianity, “still attends Sikh services occasionally with her parents and extended family.” It’s clearly a trouble-making attempt to gin up controversy among Republicans where there has been almost none, and so was able to find a couple pastors who question whether Haley, the frontrunner in next Tuesday’s South Carolina gubernatorial primary runoff, is really a Christian.

At 9:38 a.m., the CNN story was emailed to a colleague by a campaign consultant working for Haley’s opponent, Rep. Gresham Barrett.
One strongly suspects this attempt to take the low road won’t work, and Haley will crush Barrett in the runoff next week. But does Gresham Barrett, who has had a good reputation and would seem to have a promising political career still ahead of him, really want to go down this path?
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