LIVE Video from SC Dem Alvin Greene Primary Protest Hearing

Below the fold is the LIVE streaming broadcast of the protest hearing being held right now in Columbia, SC, before the state’s Democratic Party executive board, concerning the bizarre results of last week’s Democratic U.S. Senate primary. Judge Vic Rawl has filed a protest alleging “systemic software problems” within the state’s oft-failed, easily-manipulated 100% unverifiable ES&S iVotronic e-vote system, leading to results that show the jobless, unknown Alvin Greene having defeated him by 59% to 41%…

[NOTE: Hit the SMALL “play” button at bottom of player instead of the large “play” button in middle of player, to stay on this page to watch. I’ll likely be adding some commentary on this page, below the player, throughout (hit refresh to see it)…]
Commentary from Brad (latest on top)…
8:02pm ET: Woman (did not catch name) It does come down to the machines. In ’08 SC League of Women Voters told commission: “You have flawed machines, seriously flawed machines.” We have a candidate at this moment who has shown respect to the SC Dem Party. (Implies Greene didn’t show up at any party events, conventions, or even at hearing today.)
8:01pm ET: “Mr. Fowler”: Against motion and overturning election. Any fair understanding of how voters make decisions, one cannot likely conclude we would have gotten a result of 60/40. Despite of this, not enough evidence shown that election would be overturned by flaws. (Carolyn Fowler is state party chair, don’t know if “Mr. Fowler” is related.)
7:57pm ET: A member moves to deny, reject the protest and to urge Rawl to seek judicial relief instead. Another member speaks in favor of protest: This election is flawed, our system is flawed because there is no paper trail. They have shown us with preponderance of evidence, that election can be rigged. I say we deny motion, and uphold the protest.
7:55pm ET: Now back in open session.
7:23pm ET: Closed session will be to deliberate with lawyers, to determine legal standards of how to proceed. Currently recessed during that closed Executive Session. Vote will (presumably) occur on whether to accept or reject Rawl’s protest to the election results afterwords. If so, will a new election be run? That’s what Rawl’s camp is asking for. We wait…
7:20pm ET: Chair takes vote on whether to go into executive session (presumably, a closed session). Vote is very close on that! Takes a recount! :-) Goes to voice vote to find out for sure. Looks like closed session wins! Recess for private Executive Session. :-(
7:16pm ET: Q: What is your request? Nettles: I request is you find this election invalid, and order a new primary for the U.S. Senate.
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