Rawl Election Protest Rejected, Alvin Greene Remains The Democratic Nominee

South Carolina Democrats met this afternoon in Columbia to hear the election protest from Vic Rawl, the man who lost the Senate primary to Alvin Greene. Rawl made the case for a new primary with three arguments,

according to The State.
1. The voting machines are susceptible to accidental or intentional modification or tampering and, because of that, results can’t be verified.
2. Voters at various precincts had difficulty voting for Rawl
3. Rawl presented “expert evidence” that the results are not valid and/or cannot be verified.
Rawl did not have clear proof that the election result was not accurate, and the Democratic Party’s executive committee voted after several hours to reject the protest. CNN’s Peter Hamby called Greene, who did not attend the affair, after the vote, and reported the results via Twitter.
Just talked to Alvin Greene. “They did the right thing,” he said.

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