Department of Labor PSA tells Illegals to call if they are not getting Minimum Wage

That’s what Ed Morrissey asks about this one that has Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis advising illegals of the number they can call to make sure they are getting their proper wages. Not, apparently, a joke.

Says Ed:

Does it occur to the White House at all that “undocumented” workers are breaking the law themselves? They shouldn’t be exploited, but then again, they shouldn’t be here to be exploited, either.  At the same time that the Obama administration contemplates a lawsuit against Arizona to stop them from enforcing immigration law, they’re working on a program that supports the people breaking that law, all while unemployment continues at a high rate long after their stimulus plans have run aground.  Instead of enforcing the law – which is, after all, the raison d’être of the executive branch — they’re conspiring to help people break it, and with our tax dollars, no less.
Of course, this could be an elaborate ruse to find new sites to raid.  The political fallout from that would be fun to watch, but alas, it seems that despite the cheesy graphics and extraordinarily bad concept, Obama and his team are serious about helping illegal immigrants get paid more for their work.

via Solomonia: The Most Politically Tone-Deaf PSA Evah?.

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