Obama Puts Off Trial of KSM Until After Midterms

“Chances dim for swift 9/11 decision,” reports Politico.

Attorney General Eric Holder said the decision over where to hold the trial for alleged 9/11 plotter Khalid Sheikh Mohammad was “weeks away” — three months ago.
Now advocates on both sides of the issue say they expect the Obama administration to punt the decision until after the November midterm elections— when the controversial plan could do less damage to the political fortunes of endangered Democrats and might face less resistance on Capitol Hill.
Holder last week explicitly denied the midterms had anything to do with the timing but would only say discussions are continuing. The White House had no comment.
It’s a good, though not surprising, report, but a friend points out this rather comical headline:
As if any decision could be called “swift” at this point. Obama suspended the trials on January 22, 2009. Let us not forget that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his admitted co-conspirators asked to plead guilty on December 8, 2008.
via KSM Trial Decision Put Off Until After Midterms | The Weekly Standard.

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