Report: Iran Transfers Syria Radar System to protect from Israeli Strike

Iran has equipped Syria with an advanced radar system that could help thwart an Israeli strike on its nuclear facilities, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday. According to Israeli and American officials, Hizbullah could also use the radar to improve its defense capabilities and improve missile accuracy.

“Iran is engaged in developing Syrian intelligence and aerial detection capabilities, and Iranian representatives are present in Syria for that express purpose,” the Israeli army Spokesperson’s Unit told the Wall Street Journal. “Radar assistance is only one expression of that cooperation.”
According to the report, “The increased sophistication of the weapons transfers and military cooperation among the three signal an increased risk of conflict on Israeli’s northern border. U.S. officials worry any new fighting would be more likely to include Syria, which hasn’t directly engaged Israeli in combat since 1974.”

According to the officials, the transfer took place in mid-2009 amid continued military coordination between Israel, Syria and Hizbullah. Such a transfer would violate a 2007 United Nations Security Council resolution forbidding Iran from “any arms or related materiel” to any foreign entities.
Both Syria and Iran have denied that a radar transfer took place.

via Report: Iran Transfers Syria Radar System | Al Bawaba.

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