Who is is the real Racist in this Article: Rush Limbaugh or King Samir Shabazz

In my last article that provided actual video of New Black Panther Party leader King Samir Shabazz saying that he hated all white people and that freedom demands that a one should kill some “crackers’ and some cracker babies”, this writer was accused of bringing up ancient history (2 years ago).

On the same website, I saw a petition to have conservative Radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh removed from radio because of some “Racist” comments he made in 2003.  That would be the dark ages for this left wing site. What is more interesting is that the petition comes from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. For those who don’t know that is the  House of Representatives campaign arm of the Democratic party.  You know the folks who are champions of free speech.

Reading the comments there is continued references to Rush Limbaugh as a drug addict referring to Limbaugh arrest in 2006 for pain medication… another ancient historical event.   I was totally taken by surprise that nowhere on the site did anyone call the president a coke head.  I guess his drug use and hanging out with Marxists are all young indiscretions and should not be part of the dialogue.

I thought why not bring back the past once again without the cloud cover of Media Matters or News Busters and look at the two videos side by side.

Now in the comments section, if you please, who is the real racist.  You might have to close your eyes on this.  I know it is hard to get away from personal bias.  You know that bias.. the one that tells you that a black man can’t be a racist and a white man can’t make a statement without fear something he says could be construed as racial.

Try your best and when you are done… let the people know who the real racist is here.

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