The Press doesn't know why an Oil Execs wife was bombed

Environmentalists are peaceful demonstrators and Tea Party activists are angry racist mobs. That is what we hear each day on our local and national news.  I thought bombs contributed to global warming?  No Worries the injured was the wife of an oil executive.  Didn’t you know that Families of targets are fair game?
The woman was opening a package left at her doorstep in the 2100 block of Seamist Court Friday evening. She had found the shoe-sized box in front of her home about a day ago but didn’t decide to open it until around 6:30pm Friday.

The woman, who officials said is in her 60s, took the box to the backyard and opened it on the patio. That’s when it exploded.
“Don’t know where it came from — postal service or whether it was dropped off. I don’t have that information yet,” said HPD Lt. Colin Weatherly.”The person went outside, basically opened the packaged; it detonated.”
Residents told Eyewitness News that when the bomb went off, it sounded like a transformer blew.
The woman was transported to Northwest Memorial Hospital with facial injuries that are not life-threatening.
Officials with the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, as well as the Houston Police Department’s homicide and bomb squad were at the scene investigating.
It wasn’t immediately clear whether the house was targeted, however, Eyewitness News found out the home is owned by an oil company executive.
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It’s not known yet which oil company the exec works for, but BP’s US headquarters is in Houston, where this took place — but there’s no shortage of other oil operations in Houston.

Sources tell me that New York Mayor Bloomberg called Texas Governor Perry and advised him, based on Bloomberg’s own past experience, that the prime suspect is probably a white male in his 40′s who is unhappy with the health care bill.
via Michelle Malkin » Wife of Oil Exec Injured By Bomb; This is Obviously the Work of Those Darn Tea Partiers.

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