Barefoot Bandit arrested in the Bahamas

After two years on the run from the US authorities the suspected thief known as the Barefoot Bandit has finally been stopped in his tracks.

Colton Harris-Moore, 19, who was given his nickname after allegedly leaving shoeless prints at a series of crime scenes in the US, was arrested in the Bahamas. Police claim that he crash-landed in the archipelago a week ago after stealing an aeroplane in the US and making a 1,000-mile flight. They allege that since arriving in the Bahamas he has been implicated in at least seven burglaries on Abaco island.
Harris-Moore is suspected in the US of stealing cash in innumerable burglaries, and taking several cars and boats as well as at least five single-engine planes despite a lack of any formal flight training. His alleged exploits have resulted in a string of arrest warrants issued by local forces in the US as well as catapulting him to celebrity status. He has thousands of Facebook followers, a fan club selling “Run, Colton, Run” T-shirts and songs have been written about him.
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