Play Golf or Save the Gulf? Which 5 of the President's activities during the Gulf Spill have made you the most angry? Vote Here

A new site asks:
Which 5 of the President’s leisure activities or missteps during this environmental disaster have made you the most angry?
Instead of attending a memorial service for the eleven workers killed, Obama flew to California to raise funds for Barbara Boxer
Obama went golfing ten times since the explosion in the Gulf
Obama turned down 13 countries that offered to help us clean up the Gulf
President Obama has refused to return BP’s contributions; he is the largest recipient of their campaign donations over the past twenty years
Obama announced a job-killing drilling moratorium that could cost Louisiana $2.97 billion in revenue and 7,590 jobs directly related to the oil industry
Obama repeatedly denied requests from Gulf Coast lawmakers for necessary cleanup items like oil-blocking booms and skimmers
Obama originally denied Louisiana officials permission to build up barrier islands between the coast’s marshes and the gulf
Obama let 10 days pass before sending any Cabinet-level officials to Louisiana’s coast
Obama’s Interior Department Chief of Staff rafted with wife on “work-focused” trip in Grand Canyon during the spill
Obama said that the Gulf disaster “echoes 9/11”
Obama attended private concerts by Paul McCartney and Kelly Clarkson
Obama took two vacations (one to his hometown Chicago and one to Asheville, North Carolina)
The liberal think tank Center for American Progress appears to have more influence on spill policy than the president’s in-house advisers
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