White House admits Democrats may lose House in November election

This is one for the “Stating The Obvious” file. White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, appeared on NBC’s “Meet The Press” and acknowledged publicly that Democrats may lose control of the House of Representatives this November. “I think there’s no doubt that enough seats are in play…”, said Gibbs.

The statement had several purposes. One was to rally support from the base to become engaged, which has yet to happen this election cycle. Especially on campaign fund raising, which is significantly down. The other key reason is to lower expectations.
The Democrats currently have a 59-seat majority in the House, and a 19-seat majority in the Senate. Gibbs statement acknowledged that 40-60 House seats are “in play”. Republicans need to win 40 House seats to have control.
Both Gibbs, and David Axlerod, who also made the Sunday talk show rounds, admitted that there is a growing frustration in the country. That not enough has been done to improve the economy and create jobs. Both recognized that current polling data has the White House and Congressional Democrats declining in support.
However, Axlerod, in particular, played spin-control and the fear-mongering card. He contends that merely voting Republicans back in is not a solution. This coincides with Obama’s speech in Las Vegas at a Harry Reid rally, where the political rhetoric was to continue the ‘blame Bush’ game.
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