SC Senate Candidate Alvin Greene to address NAACP in local church

South Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Alvin Greene told reporters that he will make his first public speech to a local chapter of the NAACP at the Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church in his home town of Manning.  The appearance will occur on Sunday, July 18.

Greene told The Associated Press he has been invited by a local branch of the state conference of the NAACP to speak at the group’s monthly meeting Sunday in his hometown of Manning.
“Jobs, education and justice, the campaign for the general election,” Greene said, when asked what he planned to discuss. “That’s what I’m focusing on right now.”
Greene has given a series of awkward, often terse media interviews since June 8, when he won an unexpected victory over former state lawmaker Vic Rawl. Greene will face GOP U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint in the fall.
An unemployed military veteran who lives at home with his ailing father, Greene has called himself “a true American hero” and suggested last week the creation of action figures of his own likeness as a way to create jobs in South Carolina.
Greene had no website until two weeks ago and did not do any campaign fundraising before the primary. On Monday, Greene said he plans to do more campaigning but did not have any other events scheduled.
via Greene making first public speech before local NAACP.

NAACP Will Sponsor Democrat Alvin Greene’s First Rally Today

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