Carville: Democrats better start praying

Via Real Clear Politics, it’s pretty clear that James Carville reads his own polls. The money quote comes at 5:02 of the clip, but the entire video is worth watching for the dissection of the WaPo/ABC poll. Democrats are clinging to the confidence portion of the poll to claim that people like Democrats more, but ignore the part where voters want Republicans to run Congress. In order to square that circle, Carville says, Democrats need a cross:

I don’t think this will make Nancy Pelosi any happier:

via Hot Air » Carville: Democrats better start praying.


  1. Key in this video is that voters want to ‘check’ Obama’s policies by putting Republicans in Congress. However Voters don’t trust the policies or decisions of either republicans (26 % trust reps) or democrats (32 % trust dems). So 26 + 32 = 58 out of 100 %, therefore 42% DON’T TRUST EITHER PARTY – WAKE UP CONGRESS YOU ARE BETRAYING THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. Americans don’t want torture, wiretapping, war, an unaudited federal reserve, internet kill switches, and jobs gone overseas. We want the truth about the gulf, an end to military overspending, repeal of NAFTA, and INVESTMENT in American Manufacturing and Jobs at Home.

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