Al Gore probed by police for sexual misconduct more than once

Maybe once just wasn’t enough. He we Gore again!

Authorities are investigating charges from two additional masseuses that Al Gore groped them, according to the National Enquirer.
The latest round of accusations come after a red-headed 54-year-old massage therapist claimed the former vice president wanted a below-the-belt rubdown at a posh, downtown Portland hotel.
The incident, which allegedly happened in October 2006, was reported that year and again in 2009, is currently under investigation by Portland police.
A Gore family spokesperson has previously denied the allegations.
“Further investigation into this matter will only benefit Mr. Gore,” Kalee Kreider said. “The Gores cannot comment on every defamatory, misleading and inaccurate story generated by tabloids. Mr. Gore unequivocally and emphatically denied this accusation when he first learned of its existence three years ago. He stands by that denial.”
Despite its low-brow reputation, in recent years the tabloid publication has scooped the world on a number of celebrity affairs, including Tiger Woods‘ and John Edwards’—the latter which earned consideration for a Pulitzer Prize.
According to The Enquirer, Gore, 62, wanted more than a spa day at a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills, where he was attending the Oscars in 2007.
The other episode allegedly took place in 2008 at a Tokyo hotel. A hotel source reportedly told The Enquirer that when the duo was alone “Gore shrugged off a towel and stood naked in front of her.”
According to the report, Gore then pointed south and said “Take care of this.”
The original 2006 episode arose when massage therapist Molly Hagerty said Gore asked for an abdominal massage, according to a transcript of the interview released by Portland Police Department.
The masseuse said Gore began to moan during his appointment, insisted that she go lower, and grabbed her hand and guided it to his pubic area.
She later claimed Gore tried to have sex with her and began to embrace her before she wriggled out of his grasp.
Hagerty said she has some new inconvenient evidence for cops: a pair of stained black pants and a chocolate bar that Gore supposedly nibbled on.
The investigation in the 2006 case is ongoing.

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