Vilsack takes fall for White House

The “teachable Moment” today is that the White House has violated the Civil rights of USDA employee  Shirley Sherrod by denying her due process.  This comes just one year to the day that President Obama said that a White police officer “acted stupidly’ after a situation with the Presidents Black personal friend.
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said at a press conference Wednesday that he called Shirley Sherrod to extend his apology and to offer her a “unique position” at the USDA dealing with civil rights.

The secretary asked Sherrod for her resignation this week after online video emerged of her comments about race. The remarks were later to be found taken out of context.
Vilsack described Sherrod as being “extraordinarily gracious” but she asked for several days to think about the offer.
The secretary took full responsibility for the decision and denied that he received pressure from the White House to call Sherrod and that he has not spoken with the president about the matter.
“I did not think before I acted, and for that reason, this poor woman has gone through a difficult time,” he said. “There was no pressure from the White House, I want to make sure everyone understands this way my decision and I regret having made it in haste.”
Vilsack did not go into detail about the new position that he offered to Sherrod, but said that “as a result of that experience, she has a unique set of skills in assisting USDA in turning the page on our civil rights chapter, which has been difficult.”
via Vilsack takes fall for Sherrod ouster, deflects attention from WH – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room.

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