Rangel – Expelled, Censure, Reprimand, or sit in corner with dunce cap?

One of Politisite’s avid reader cornered me the other night and asked, ” What is going to happen with Congressman Rangel on these charges”.

My answer, He won’t be Expelled but probably Censured or Reprimanded.

Today, Rep. Gene Green (D-Texas) said the committee is leaning toward Reprimand.  A reprimand is the lowest form of punishment a Congressman can receive less being put in a corner with a dunce hat on,

The ethics subcommittee investigating Rep. Charles Rangel was only going to recommend a reprimand against the New York Democrat – a lesser punishment than a formal House censure or expulsion from the House for Rangel’s alleged ethics violations.

Rep. Gene Green (D-Texas), who led the investigation, told reporters Friday his four-member panel agreed on a reprimand, believing that would be the appropriate punishment for Rangel.

The full House would still have to vote for a reprimand for Rangel, but with the ethics “trial” now going forward and lasting into the fall, it’s not clear what a newly formed adjudicatory committee will decide in terms of punishing Rangel – if it reaches any conclusion at all.

“The recommendation we had was a reprimand,” Green said. “I’ll let the full [ethics] committee make that decision.”

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