Gov. Brewer says Legislature may tweak' Arizona law

Gov. Jan Brewer said the Legislature may “tweak” SB 1070 when it convenes in January to address the federal judge’s concerns about the law.

For example, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton had singled out a provision requiring that every person arrested in the state be held until their immigration status is determined. Brewer’s lawyer had told the judge that the sentence was “inartfully” written and should only apply to suspected illegal immigrants.
The law was already significantly narrowed once before in response to pressure from opponents. After Brewer signed the legislation in April, she accepted last-minute revisions from the Legislature. The law had required police to determine the immigration status of people they interact with whom they suspect are in the country illegally. Now it only requires them to check people they stop and believe are illegal immigrants.
via Immigration protesters released; Gov. Brewer says Legislature may tweak’ law.

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